Jonathan Welford is a writer, life and relationship coach and novelist. With three relationship books under his belt and over five years experience of being an Agony Uncle in publications in both the UK and America. Writing as GayAgonyUncle.

Using Jonathan’s experience as a relationship and dating coach, he was inspired to write down a collection of stories that had crossed his path to create his own brand of Aga Saga set in the fictitious affluent Cheshire market town of Synn. Synn resembles the look and feel of his actual home of Nantwich in Cheshire.

Jonathan lives with his husband, Rob, who runs a successful Psychotherapy practice in Nantwich, and their slightly psychotic silver tabby cat, Evie. When not burning the midnight oil writing into the early hours, Jonathan tends to his allotment with ambitions to win a price at the local county show, however, so far he’s succeeded in producing a variety of odd shaped vegetables, which haven’t won any prices, but have produced some delicious meals.